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In Tharaphi Philately, some of Myanmar ( Burma) stamps issued from British colonial period to date are arranged in chronological order. Here are some distinctions between the stamps that were issued during the following periods.

- during British Colonial Administration (1886 - 1948), there were no particular stamps for Burma. The word BURMA was just printed on the Indian stamps and the price on the stamps was Indian Rupee. BURMA POSTAGE and Burmese Rupee (on a par with Indian Rupee) were later printed on the stamps. During Japan Occupation, Japanese words were printer on stamps.

- during the post c- during the post colonial (1948 - 1962), the country name on the stamps was UNION OF BURMA and still used old Burmese Rupee till to the year1952. Later, the price of the stamps has come in use new Myanmar Kyat and Pyas since 1952.

- during Revolution Council Administration (1962 -1974) the country name printed on the stamps was still UNION OF BURMA. ist Administration (1974 - 1988) the country name was changed to SOCIALIST REPUBLIC OF THE UNION OF BURMA

- during the The State Law and Order Restoration Council Administration, later known as State Peace and Development Council, (from 1988 till now) change the country name to UNION OF MYANMAR on the stamps.


Myanmar Stamps are officially issued to commemorate anniversaries of special local and events or international commemorations related to United Nation. Some stamps show the limited series of birds found in Myanmar, some musical instruments used by Myanmar natives, flora definitive, etc. Some are issued along with the first day covers, maximum cards, first day cancellations, and leaflets.

Though my hobby is stamp collecting, I still miss a lot of stamps issued during British Colonial period, Pre-World War Two, Japanese Occupation and post colonial periods. No stamps issued during Japanese Occupation are shown in this site. I will update my site when I obtain them and new issue. Moreover, I also link other sites that are about Myanmar philately.

Not only Myanmar stamps but some of International Stamps also display in this site.

Though I create this site using my best knowledge, it may have had some mistakes. If one finds any kind of mistake, please contact me and let me know what is wrong. I will not hesitate to correct it.

Please be patient of loading images.

Thank you!

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